Gorilla GLow

UV Reactive Foam & Powder Experience



100+ Pounds of UV Reactive Powder Just Waiting to Be Grabbed from Our Powder Booth and Thrown into The Air AND UV Reactive Foam Launched into The Sky Out of a 6ft Foam Cannon. In Combination, It Makes A Form of UV Paint! An Operation Glow Chicago Concert DJ That Pumps High-Energy Dance Music Through A Full Audible Range Concert & Effect-Proof Sound System. Atomic Strobe Lights, Blinders, Color Wash Fixtures, and UV Cannons for Maximum Visual Effect. Tons of Add-Ons to Choose from For the Ultimate Customization.

Day or Night

This mission works in daylight or darkness. However, for blacklight reactive effects, darkness works best.

Outdoor Only

This experience can only be performed outdoor with no tent or other roofing over the audience.


This production can adapt to your theme or organization branding for an integrated experience, or be extended to support other activities/events. ​

Popular Add-Ons

For This MIssion

Streamer Blasts

UV Face Paint

Laser Show Tier 2 or 3

Audience Engagers





A non-physical effect experience with the ability for full customization via Add-Ons. Great for themed events where physical effects don't make sense.

UV, Colored, or Scented Powder

Foam & Foam Cannon

One of our sensational physical effects. If you have a large audience, we recommend the purchase of an extra cannon. This physical effect does require a hose with running water on-site. If indoor, a special type of power will be needed to power the cannon, see requirements. This is, unless we are able to have a generator outside a door no more than 50ft from downstage (front of the stage). If indoor, we also recommend the use of our indoor protection to safeguard the hall. 

Online Planning

The point of contact will hold the masters account and if there are others on your team, they can be added as planners. The master account holder has access to everything including financials and service information. Planner account holders will have access to the planning forms only. 

Branding Categories


All Unofficial Brand Perks, Branded as an Official Operation Glow Experience (or OPERATION GLOW), Official OG Press Kit, Branded Signage and Concert Visuals, Footage Captured with Water-Proof Cameras, Possible Aftermovie Creation and/or Social Media Releases, Possible Operation Glow Merchandise Booth – depends on contract, government, and availability. May use our logo, if approved. 


Branded as an Unofficial Operation Glow experience, unofficial OG press kit, branded crew, indoor protections and add-ons are available. Must include “Operation Glow – Unofficial” in any advertising or mention of Operation Glow. Stipulation will be in contract. 


Forbids the advertisement of trademarked Operation Glow. You may use generic Paint Party, Glow Party, etc. With unbranded levels, Host will typically provide sound system, lighting, stage, protections, lodging, and various supplies (not crew meals). Advertisement stipulation will be in contract

Battery Backup

The OG team is highly trained in power management, balancing loads over several circuits so even if the location has improper power, the show can go on. Power is always tested by OG before anything is plugged in so we know what we are dealing with.

However, location power isn’t always reliable. Buildings can have old power circuits, several utilities (refrigerators, vending machines) on a circuit that we have to use, or even have spotty or improper voltage. The last thing you want is a loss of a circuit at your event and a 15 minute recovery time as we boot up our major systems again.

Even with a full loss of power, our recovery time will be seconds because of this battery backup system! Depending on the missions, we may be able to temporarily run all systems off of this battery backup system, until power is restored. 

Professional DJ Equipment

We use industry standard DJ equipment, namely Pioneer’s top of the line. It is the same equipment installed in the top clubs around the world. 

Wireless Microphones

We purposely the mention the brand Shure because they make one of the most reliable wireless microphone systems that exist in the world, not to mention their quality. Your package will declare the quantity of microphones and the microphone system itself. If you have multiple microphones, we may bump you up to an antenna distributor with L/R paddles. for tour-grade directional connections. 

Dual HD Concert Subwoofer

A true active and high power ready to use touring system equipped with a high efficiency digital amplifier that delivers superior SPL reducing energy requirement. The integrated processing and the cabling reduction will make the set-up faster and easier and, thanks to its compact size, the truck space requirement is reduced to the minimum.

Line-Array Sound

A true active and high power ready to use touring system equipped with a high efficiency digital amplifier that delivers superior SPL reducing energy requirement. The integrated processing and the cabling reduction will make the set-up faster and easier and, thanks to its compact size, the truck space requirement is reduced to the minimum.

Sound Control

Sound Measurements

Every rooms/space is different – walls have different reflections, floors can be carpet hardwood or grass, rooms can have obstacles (pillars, wall separators), events can be indoors or outdoors. No matter what, using our Room Balancing System that includes Smaart software, RTA sound measurement microphones, and a signal processor, we balance the room so you have the perfect balance between  low, mid, and highs, reverb, and other tricks for the perfect sound. 

We only provide this service for our line array systems or when speakers are separated and require delay. Please note, we need ample time to properly balance a room so don’t be surprised if our setup duration is quite long. 

UV Cannons

Atomic Strobes / Blinders

Color Wash

These are used to enhance the UV lighting and bring other colors into the mix!

Horizontal Truss Systems

Horizontal trussing systems make it possible to rig several systems to one beam i.e. video wall, lighting fixtures, lasers, etc. They are as professional as it gets and is used all over the world. 

Location Type Needs

Enclosed Event Required

This is probably being required because high-powered lasers beams need to be shielded from the sky and the safest way to do this is if the event is enclosed. This can be: A Building, Large Tent with Walls, Etc.

No Participant Enclosure

We need air to flow freely so participants can breathe with this physical effect. This means it can be: Completely Outdoors, or if a ceiling requirement: Our Overhang, Mobile Stage, Etc.

Roof Over Production

There is so much equipment in this Level that we can’t risk getting caught in the weather. Therefore these work well: Building, Tent, Our Overhang, Mobile Stage, Gazebo, Etc.