Shrek Party



A dance party in a swamp!

In the heart of the enchanting swamp, the lovable and quirky characters from the Shrek franchise came together for a magical dance party like no other.

The festivities began with an enchanted forest projected around the space with vibrant shimmering lights (Level 2+). The swamp’s resident DJ, Gingy, sets the tone by spinning Shrek screen played fairytale tracks mixed with top music. And the big shiny ball that Donkey is mesmerized by rotates all night in all colors, especially green! 

As the sun rose over the swamp, signaling the end of the dance party, everyone bids farewell with promises to reunite for future festivities. The Shrek Party’s creates memories that would last a lifetime, reminding everyone that even in a world filled with ogres, princesses, and talking animals, the universal language of dance can bring people together in the most magical and extraordinary ways.

Day Or Night

This mission works in the day or night. Even with the strobe lights we use, daylight is no match for them.

Indoor Or Outdoor

This mission can be performed indoors or outdoors. Some levels require an enclosure.


This mission offers fully customizable production; thus, can be adjusted to support any reasonable budget.


This mission is all-inclusive for some locations. If you already have certain equipment on-site, we can omit ours.

Multiple Teams & Systems

We have multiple teams and systems available to support parallel events.

All Distances

This mission can be delivered to all contiguous distances in the USA.

Fully Adaptable

This mission will adapt to your physical location, audience, and branding. We like making things personal and unique.

Pre- & Post- AV Support

The production in this mission can support activities happening prior to and after this experience. Save $

Creative Support

Have an idea that requires a slight modification of this experience? No problem, let us know!











Mission Customizations









Special Effects























Lighting & Effects








Lighting System

Special Effects

Hoisting & Rigging






























Audio Production




































Base Production








Max Audience Counts

Performance Timing

Team Actions

On-Site Human Capital

Planning & Marketing


Crowd Control


























































Levels Are Only Viewable On Full Sized Windows

Move to a larger screen or enlarge your window.

Operation Glow / Clik Entertainment LLC is not affiliated with, endorsed by, authorized by, sponsored by, or in any way officially connected with Shrek the movie or any of its respective business entities or their affiliates or subsidiaries. The name Shrek, as well as related names, marks, emblems and images, are registered trademarks of their respective owners. Furthermore, Operation Glow / Clik Entertainment LLC is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or in any way officially connected with other third party entities that provide similar services and events to Operation Glow / Clik Entertainment LLC; the similarity of any services and events are purely coincidental and does not imply any association with such third party entities.

For This MIssion

Shrek 360 Booth

Our 360 Video Booth Bundle is swamp ready with props

Shrek Photo Booth

Our Open Photo Booth Bundle is open to all fairytale creatures

Shrek Decor

Forest Decor hung around the space and possibly lit up!

Audience Engagers

Beachballs, Wands, and more to get you audience's hands in the air!

All Add-Ons

Atomic Strobes / Blinders

Location Type Needs

Enclosed Event Required

This is probably being required because high-powered lasers beams need to be shielded from the sky and the safest way to do this is if the event is enclosed. This can be: A Building, Large Tent with Walls, Etc.

No Participant Enclosure

We need air to flow freely so participants can breathe with this physical effect. This means it can be: Completely Outdoors, or if a ceiling requirement: Our Overhang, Mobile Stage, Etc.

Roof Over Production

There is so much equipment in this Level that we can’t risk getting caught in the weather. Therefore these work well: Building, Tent, Our Overhang, Mobile Stage, Gazebo, Etc.

Branding Categories


All Unofficial Brand Perks, Branded as an Official Operation Glow Experience (or OPERATION GLOW), Official OG Press Kit, Branded Signage and Concert Visuals, Footage Captured with Water-Proof Cameras, Possible Aftermovie Creation and/or Social Media Releases, Possible Operation Glow Merchandise Booth – depends on contract, government, and availability. May use our logo, if approved. 


Branded as an Unofficial Operation Glow experience, unofficial OG press kit, branded crew, indoor protections and add-ons are available. Must include “Operation Glow – Unofficial” in any advertising or mention of Operation Glow. Stipulation will be in contract. 


Forbids the advertisement of trademarked Operation Glow. You may use generic Paint Party, Glow Party, etc. With unbranded levels, Host will typically provide sound system, lighting, stage, protections, lodging, and various supplies (not crew meals). Advertisement stipulation will be in contract