Igniting All Senses

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Operation Glow uses a number of physical effects, special effects, intense visuals, and powerful sound to achieve the novel Operation Glow experience. The type and intensity of the experience varies, as decided by your event organizer – contact them with questions.

Physical effects are those liquid effects that are released onto an audience. 

Depending on your organizer’s policies, an ID, wristband, or ticket may be necessary. Make sure you are able to secure these items on your person. If the ticket is on your phone, we recommend printing it out – do not bring electronics to shows with physical effects. 

For shows with physical effects, if you wear contacts, we recommend you bring and utilize goggles for protection. 

For a mission with physical effects, DO NOT BRING electronics including cell phones and cameras. There may be a designated ‘no effect’ zone – contact your organizer to find out. Cherished and  valuable personal property are prohibited. 

For glow missions wear white to GLOW, and for dark missions, wear black! For themed missions you should dress up for that theme. For any experiences that contain physical effects such as paint, foam, powder, etc., you should plan to wash your attire immediately after the experience – wear something you are not afraid to toss!

Keep in mind: Sometimes it gets really warm with a lot of people indoors, or possibly really cold if held outdoors during cold months. Plan accordingly! 

We rank our missions / experiences by Levels of production. The higher the Level, the more intense it gets. Most missions go up to Level 6, with some up to Level 7. 

Nevertheless, even our smallest Level 1 mission is quite intense. And to note, we allow customization, so although the base is a Level 1, there may be some surprises! 

Operation Glow uses physical effects to decorate and engage an entire body of humans. These effects can range from Glow Paint, Glow Foam, Glow Snow, Glow Powder, and so much more. Physical effects are generally released from the stage without notice, immersing your body and property to a very unique experience – plan accordingly.

Here are the manufacturer SDSs:

If you have questions, please email us at [email protected]

We recommended forgoing this event. Even if there are no strobes at the event, flashing colored lights will still be present. Our shows are intense by design! 

Glowers in the front row will be significantly covered in physical effects. WARNING, buckets of effect(s) may come for the front row!

After an experience with physical effect(s), for best removal, you should wash your attire with warm water within 7 hours from the experience. You should also wash yourself after the event to remove any effects on your body. 

Some of our experiences require Ambassadors or VIPs to help out, as decided by your event organizer. Should you be declared an Ambassador or VIP, you will be informed of your official duty on-site. VIPs are usually the ones that spray paint or help disperse effects, while Ambassadors help remove protective materials from the space. 

Contact the organizer of your event to see if they have your item. Anything we find, we give it to them.

When are we landing?

If you don’t know of an Operation Glow experience near you, refer us to your nearest school, city, base, park district, or club!