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OPERATION GLOW®, nicknamed “OG,” is the first mobile glow special effect experience in the United States. Hailing out of Chicago, IL in 2012, the demand for OG’s experience spread rapidly throughout the nation. After hundreds of illuminating events, OG expanded their mission to “Ignite All Senses®, concocting all known physical effects to ultraviolet. 

Every event has thousands of variables that are carefully calculated to achieve the OPERATION GLOW® experience. We’re fanatically passionate about it. From every laser beam, to every drop of paint, to every wave of sound, we formulate a palette of newfound inspiration and an escape from the grind. We’ve been featured on major TV stations and festival lineups; and received a variety of acknowledgements, including being named one of the best college experiences in America by several esteemed institutions. We’re excited to keep bringing glow to the world and deploying unprecedented sensations into the lives of hardworking communities, like yours.

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