[Design Your Own] Party

This experience is designed to accompany every idea that hasn’t yet been published by OPERATION GLOW. Use this to create your own experience!


Step into the magical world of Hogwarts with our inspired dance party experience! Join us as we transform the dance floor into the famed Forbidden Forest complete with enchanted sound and lasers. Let the DJ take you on a journey through the wizarding world with classic movie soundtracks, high energy top 40 hits, and remixes inspired by the magical world. Don your favorite house robes and take part in a sorting ceremony to see which house you belong to before dancing the night away with fellow wizards and witches. Our unique and immersive event is perfect for Harry Potter fans of all ages – whether you’re a die-hard Gryffindor or a loyal Hufflepuff, come dance and enjoy the magic of wizardry with us!

BYOH Silent Party™

Gone are the days of wrestling with headphone distribution, fretting over breakages, forcing everyone to wear over-the-ear headphones, or worrying about whether there are enough to go around for your event. Say goodbye to the static interference, the limited physical range of traditional radio broadcasts, and the risks of unlicensed RF transmissions (which are all too common among silent providers). And let’s not even get started on the germ-sharing potential of reused headphones! 

Taylor Party™

Our tickets are not $20,000 ? but our shows still GLOW! ‘Look what you made us do!’ Get ready to dance and sing the night away to Taylor’s most popular songs. The Operation Glow production team specially designed the experience to highlight Taylor’s music over the years with immersed sound (L1+), curated visuals (L2+), and video of the albums on a giant LED wall (L3+). Come dressed in your best Taylor-wear and take a photo in our Taylor themed photo booth, or a video in our 360 Booth. “People haven’t always been there for me, but music always has.” – Taylor.

90s Party

That 90s Party recreates the best of the 90s. Using the best 90s dance music, a giant lava lamp in the center of the floor, a room moving as if you are inside a lava lamp, a smokey atmosphere, and a recreation of the glow in the dark stars around and overhead, you’ll find yourself back in time. Music will consist of 90s bands and hip hop.

Shrek Party

A dance party in a swamp! In the heart of the enchanting swamp, the lovable and quirky characters from the Shrek franchise came together for a magical dance party like no other. Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, Puss in Boots, and their friends transformed the ordinary into the extraordinary, bringing joy, laughter, and epic dance moves to their beloved audience.

The festivities began with an enchanted forest projected around the space with vibrant shimmering lights. The swamp’s resident DJ, Gingy, sets the tone by spinning Shrek screen played fairytale tracks mixed with top music.

As the sun rose over the swamp, signaling the end of the dance party, everyone bids farewell with promises to reunite for future festivities. The Shrek Party’s creates memories that would last a lifetime, reminding everyone that even in a world filled with ogres, princesses, and talking animals, the universal language of dance can bring people together in the most magical and extraordinary ways.