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We've Been Selling Makeup & Cosmetically certified Products For The Last 10 Years!

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UV Makeup

Smear glow-greatness on your face and arms to glow in UV light! This makeup can be removed with soap and water. Not meant for clothing! It’s the real deal – we use this on stage at our shows. 

$1-2 / tube

UV Body Paint

(Concentrate Form)

Blacklight reactive cosmetically certified paint that is typically used at our Paint Parties! We ship in powder form to save you the outrageous delivery fees. Simply use a drill and a $5 paddle mixer to make a paint! 

$70-120 / Bag

UV Bubble Fluid

Blacklight reactive bubbles that we use for our Bubble Glow shows. Many people have seen nothing like it!

$80-130 / Gallon