Virtual Glow

Mission & Add-On

About VG

Virtual Glow started as an online performance, but has rapidly evolved and taken on a life of its own. Now the live virtual immersive environment is boasting an awe-inspiring production setup that is on par with the Operation Glow experience Glowers have come to know and love. With tour-grade lights, high-powered lasers, cutting-edge visuals, and addicting engagement features, Virtual Glow is sparing no expense when it comes to creating arguably the most immersive and interactive real-time live event seen in recent times.

Feature Highlight

A Motion Graphic Adventure
Our Visual Experience

Virtual Glow Mission is a graphic experience that features high quality motion graphics over multiple screens and incorporates your branding colors and shapes for a personalized experience. VG Add-On’s visual experience is the same visual systems in your Mission of choice made virtual. Each relay stunning effects everyone loves.


  • If we are not already on-site, send us videos of your location and we can use them as visuals – it may look like we are traversing campus!
  • Send us your logo to be branded on and around out platform and livestream experience.
  • We’ll play your speeches that are pre-recorded and shared with us through our media folder.
  • We’ll use your official colors or theme in the experience.

Don’t worry, all of this will be made easy by your Operation Glow account where you will be able to plan all of this with ease. 

Control The Music and Colors
Control The Music

Just as in our in-person experiences, VG includes our well-known talented Chicago DJs behind the decks, broadcasting live through multiple cameras, and reading Glowers for the next best song as they call-in. Different from our regular shows, participants will be able to request and upvote songs – if there is enough interest in a song, it may just be played!

For this online experience, different from our in-person musical experiences, DJs tend to play a wide variety of music with a EDM and hip-hop focus.


We Literally Coded This Feature!
Video Call-In To The Experience

Glowers will be able to video call-in (no audio) to Operation Glow via webcam on phone, laptop, or tablet and be featured on the top right corner of the livestream. We set a delay and have someone watching callers 10 seconds before they are broadcasted, just in case they do something unbefitting 🙂


  • We can visually see our audience members!
  • We can interact with Glowers before and after they go live!
  • All video calls have a 10 second delay before we put it on the livestream – just in case someone has a bit too much fun
  • The DJ can announce for certain buildings, residences, classes, communities, and countries to call-in throughout the night.
  • Glowers tend to wave country flags, pick up pets, wear spirit attire or costumes, and so much more!
Another Layer Of Engagement
Polling/Voting Feature

Throughout the livestream, Glowers will be able to control the color of production and other aspects of the experience along with personal questions such as trivia about your organization/event/theme.


  • We can help you host a competition between communities of your choosing. E.g. every 30 minutes you can have us activate a poll that says “What class year are you? Winner gets a prize!” with the choices: First Year, Second Year, etc. This is just one of 50 we came up with!
  • We can track these answers for you and send them to you after the event.
  • We can display the answers in percentage form, so Glowers know which answer choice won or is winning.
  • The poll operator may do a few trivia questions, sometimes relating to the artist or song being played.
  • We can keep track of poll answers in number form rather than percentage form if you tell us.
Not Just A Boring Textbox On The Side
Interactive Chat

An interactive chat operator will work the chat participants and keep them engaged. You can expect a whole Operation Glow personality that’s responding and creating content to see and interact with. “Put a <3 in the chat if you love this song!”

  • The chat is moderated and has blocking and deleting capabilities for participants having too much fun :).
  • The chat can always be turned off before and during the event. 
No Joke
Get Sprayed With Physical Effects

Whether you have VG Mission or VG Add-On, we will spray the included physical effect at cameras to simulate attending in person. VG Mission includes UV Paint whereas another Mission may include something line UV Foam, UV Powder, and UV Snow.


What makes this even more real is if you add our UV Face Paint to make things tangible.

Your Very Own Landing Page
A Personalized Webpage

We create a custom webpage on our site designated for your community. On the page you may find:

  • The Livestream (can be password protected)
  • Our Interaction Features
  • A Countdown to The Event
  • Directions for the GlowGrams
  • Announcements and Sponsors 
  • Virtual Photo Booth
  • Your Branding and Information
  • About You and Your Event
  • A Commercial About You
We All Love Getting Something In The Mail
The GlowGram

Hosts have the opportunity to design a GlowGram for their participants. Hosts can choose from several accessories and then our GlowGram service. The GlowGram service makes it possible for us to individually package each bundle of accessories with the URL/link to Virtual Glow. We will ship the GlowGrams to you for the final distribution via mailbox, pickup stations, UPS, etc.


No matter where Glowers are at in the world, you can give the gift of physical glow. 

Let's Do It Again!
Analytics / Metrics

We’ll be able to give you a metrics report after the experience to show you how it went! The report may include:

  • Peak Viewers
  • Total Viewers
  • Average Watch Time
  • Total Minutes Watched
  • Number of Chat Messages
  • Chat Highlights
  • Poll Information
Features On Features
Virtual Photo Booth

Our virtual photo booth offers another layer of interaction where:

  • We will have a graphic designer build a custom digital frame for you.
  • Participants can take unlimited photos from any device. 
  • Participants can share photos to social media, exciting others!
  • You will receive all photos after the event (unless you upgrade).
Know Who's Watching
Email Capture

Besides all of our interaction features and metrics that lets us know how many participants are in attendance, you have the option to enable an email and name capture. This works well if you want to identify if someone misbehaved online 🙂 

It's Some Serious Equipment
Production Studio

With everything you just read, it takes a whole studio, 7 computers, 600ft of XLR cables, and a team of at-least 4 experienced professionals to properly relay one of our virtual experiences. Even if we are on-site, we are still using our studio to process your event. 

Our Event Platform

One of the most interactive online events built with layers of personalization, customization, and engagement for audiences of all sizes.

  •  View Demo Page Here
Device Slider


Virtual Photo Booth​

Add our virtual photo booth for another layer of interaction right on your event page. Use the media generated by the virtual photo booth on your social media and marketing campaigns for months to come. We will provide you a graphic designer to create you a custom digital frame.

Tier 2

In addition to Tier 1 features, guests will have access to a number of novelty features including an AI background removal feature for pristine photo quality. You will also see all the photos taken LIVE as they come in, made possible with a personal photo booth operator and shared cloud folder.

Tier 1

On your event page we will place a virtual photo booth. Upon virtual entry and camera approval, guests will see a custom designed picture frame about your event around themselves. After a photo is taken with the picture frame, they will be able to share the photo(s) immediately. You will get a copy of all the photos after the event so you can post them as desired.



Give participants something tangible to attend with! Elevate your Virtual Glow experience by attaching Accessories and our GlowGram Service. By opting into our GlowGram service, we will individually pack the accessories so you can distribute them easily. The GlowGram service also includes special tape or ribbon that will display the URL/link to access the experience! We have many different types of accessories, including some that may include your logo!

Branding Categories


All Unofficial Brand Perks, Branded as an Official Operation Glow Experience (or OPERATION GLOW), Official OG Press Kit, Branded Signage and Concert Visuals, Footage Captured with Water-Proof Cameras, Possible Aftermovie Creation and/or Social Media Releases, Possible Operation Glow Merchandise Booth – depends on contract, government, and availability. May use our logo, if approved. 


Branded as an Unofficial Operation Glow experience, unofficial OG press kit, branded crew, indoor protections and add-ons are available. Must include “Operation Glow – Unofficial” in any advertising or mention of Operation Glow. Stipulation will be in contract. 


Forbids the advertisement of trademarked Operation Glow. You may use generic Paint Party, Glow Party, etc. With unbranded levels, Host will typically provide sound system, lighting, stage, protections, lodging, and various supplies (not crew meals). Advertisement stipulation will be in contract

Music Licensing

A percentage based cost exists (VG Studio pricing includes this cost in quote) because of the Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) that we have to partner with to host your event online, on our website domain, with music that is owned by their artists. If you’ve heard of ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC, these are PROs. PROs will take a percentage of the entire event and charge us for each song that we play online – they then pay their music writers for their copyright content that we used.

Online Planning

The point of contact will hold the masters account and if there are others on your team, they can be added as planners. The master account holder has access to everything including financials and service information. Planner account holders will have access to the planning forms only. 

UV Multi-Colored Paint

We were the first in the USA for-hire using this physical effect!

There was a time when no one knew what this was. Paint?!! Is that safe!?! Absolutely. Our water based paint gets mixed on-site so it is fresh and not sitting in a warehouse. The paint is 97% water and the rest is food-grade and cosmetically approved ingredients. Paint is dispersed from the stage so we are in control of where it lands, for the most part. If indoor, our venue protection is a must. When the paint dries, it solidifies into a dust and can be wiped right off any hard surface!

Studio Rental

We use studio monitors in the studio hear what we are broadcasting to ensure the highest quality auditory experience. 

Professional DJ Equipment

We use industry standard DJ equipment, namely Pioneer’s top of the line. It is the same equipment installed in the top clubs around the world. 

Visual Control Desk, Computer

What’s better than intelligent lighting / sound active? A professional Lighting Designer (LD). Why? Lighting scenes are not on a loop, the visuals will always go to the music including high energy parts, scenes are built to the location architecture, and more visual value is delivered. Furthermore, if you are looking at a video system, lighting system, laser system, or special effects, an LD combines these system into one control desk for a synchronous visual experience. 

Studio Monitors

We use studio monitors in the studio hear what we are broadcasting to ensure the highest quality auditory experience. 

Wireless Microphones

We purposely the mention the brand Shure because they make one of the most reliable wireless microphone systems that exist in the world, not to mention their quality. Your package will declare the quantity of microphones and the microphone system itself. If you have multiple microphones, we may bump you up to an antenna distributor with L/R paddles. for tour-grade directional connections. 

Color Wash

These are used to enhance the UV lighting and bring other colors into the mix!

Sound Control

Battery Backup

The OG team is highly trained in power management, balancing loads over several circuits so even if the location has improper power, the show can go on. Power is always tested by OG before anything is plugged in so we know what we are dealing with.

However, location power isn’t always reliable. Buildings can have old power circuits, several utilities (refrigerators, vending machines) on a circuit that we have to use, or even have spotty or improper voltage. The last thing you want is a loss of a circuit at your event and a 15 minute recovery time as we boot up our major systems again.

Even with a full loss of power, our recovery time will be seconds because of this battery backup system! Depending on the missions, we may be able to temporarily run all systems off of this battery backup system, until power is restored.