A Continuous UV Reactive Snow Fall from Overhead. 100+ Gallons of UV Reactive BLUE Paint Poured from The Stage. Operation Glow Chicago Concert DJs Pumping High-Energy Winter Vibe Dance Music Through A Full Audible Range Concert & Effect-Proof Sound System. A Second or Student DJ Opening for The Commencement of Winter Glow. An LED Video Wall Displaying A Countdown to Winter Glow Then Winterizing Motion Graphic Visuals with A Live Video Jockey with A Live Feed of The Audience. A High-Powered BLUE & WHITE Class IV Government Regulated Laser Show Mixing with The Snow. A BLUE & WHITE Confetti Storm and Streamer Blast out of Charged Air Cannons. CO2 / Cryo Blasts to Chill the Room. Atomic Strobe Lights, Blinders, Moving Light Fixtures, Color Wash Fixtures, and UV Cannons for Maximum Visual Effect. Live Video Coverage for The Possibility of an Official Aftermovie. 

Cupid’s Glow™

Cupid is ready to use his arrow and make Glowers fall in love. Glowers could find themselves dancing on a cloud and glowing under a romantic yet exciting production. Did you know Valentine’s Day falls on National Condom Week?

Holi Party

100+ Pounds of Colored Powder Just Waiting to Be Grabbed From Our Powder Booth and Thrown into The Air For Others To Glow. An Operation Glow Chicago Concert DJ That Pumps Music Through A Full Audible Range Concert & Effect-Proof Sound System. Atomic Strobe Lights, Blinders, and Color Wash Fixtures for Visual Effect. Tons of Add-Ons to Choose from For the Ultimate Customization.

College Prom™

A formal dance party that is a big deal. Get dressed up without getting embarrassed by the parents who take too many photos. Secure a prom date in a cool way. E.g., “Prom?” on a card of a hand delivered bouquet. Nominate a prom court and vote for prom King and Queen. It will be announced! Slow dance with someone special, or many special people. Students are encouraged to dress up, and maybe even rent a limousine ?