Primary Considerations


Depending on the date of your event and your physical location, temperature may be a very important factor for your audience. If your event is in Florida during January, temperature may not be as important; whereas, an event in North Dakota during January may not give you the optimal attendance unless it’s with the theme. Events during months that may have cold weather should consider an indoor location, or renting heaters for an enclosed outdoor location, if the mission permits. 

Location Location Location

The location should be easy for your audience to access. Locations with an address, common landmark, center of campus, or a commonly known name work well. Locations in or near participant residences typically draw a larger attendance.

Event Size & Weight

The location must be suitable to handle your estimated attendance and our stage production plus effects. Production + all Effects generally need a high ceiling, so they can reach over the audience, The weight of the production and audience must be supported by the location, including load-in/out and path. The event location must be completely flat. Some Levels only permit a hard surface for ground, no grass.

Physical Effects

The location must be suitable to handle all Physical Effects (foam, paint, etc.). This means an appropriate flooring able withstand up to a small puddle of colored water, is needed so it can be easily removed. Here is a general clean-up guide to assist in choosing your location. 

Sound Permit

A sound/noise permit is recommended for all outdoor Events, and is sometimes needed for indoor events depending on your proximity to public residences. To maintain the auditory experience of OG, most shows have a minimum decibel of 110db at 40ft center mix.

Requirements / Needs

  • Power: The amount of electricity for an event like this is usually substantial. Please verify the amount of power you will need for your Level of interest. If pulling from wall house power (assuming no power distro), cable runs must be no more than 100ft and receptacles must be labeled with circuit number and amperage. All power must be placed for us behind the stage, prior to arrival. We can provide generator(s) and power distribution systems for an added cost.
  • Water Source: Physical Effect events may require a water source.
  • There may be additional requirements not stated herein. 

Secondary Considerations

Timing and Access

We will need access to the location at the specified times. Setup and Strike are extensive, sometimes taking days, all depending on the time(s) you need us, we can provide audio and lighting for other events that day, and the level of production. In some cases we require a limited and logged access, meaning no one is permitted in our area during a certain time, especially if setup to strike extends over multiple days.

Crowd Control

Especially for large events, crowd control measures should be looked into. OG requests a single entrance and a single exit. This makes it easy for you to know who’s coming in/out, and allows OG’s signage (if present) and merchandise to be viewed by all. Emergency exits can be made in indoor protection or in crowd control solutions.


To use Class IV laser projectors, we need a clearance of at least 3-meters over the audience, no windows, reflective objects, or people can be on the terminating end of the beams because of the high-powered radiation. Lasers cannot be used outdoors unless inside an approved tent. Lasers require haze for use. Our lasers are controlled by the FDA and a certified laser operator will be on-site with our government variance.

Show Effects

  • HAZE: Haze is provided by us in most Levels and required to be a part of the show for a full experience. Haze gives the beams visibility, otherwise you will just see the terminating ends.
  • Confetti, sparks, and other effects have requirements on your contract.


You are recommended to provide your own security to handle situations that may arise. If you would like an announcement on the microphone, please inform us who is allowed to speak. All on-site microphone requests will be denied unless specified by the planners on the contract. or its themselves.

Location Lighting

ALL LOCATION LIGHTING MUST BE OFF INCLUDING SECURITY LIGHTS, STREET LIGHTS, ETC. Emergency lighting such as illuminated exit signs are permitted because they do not omit a high lux. Be aware of doorways the open and windows that may omit white light. UV operates in the high spectrum, so can be easily drowned from white light.


We will need a place to dispose of used materials, such as a garbage can at the stage. For indoor events, along with a can, a dumpster must be very nearby to dispose of the protections. Unused liquid effects may also need a disposal site.

Load-In/Out Path

A load-in/out path, from truck to stage, must be short, without obstruction, be the proper size for equipment to get through, and contain no stairs, cracks, etc. If an elevator is necessary, it must be the proper size and weight to move production equipment.


A stage is required. Recommendations are made on the Requirements page. We do rent them for an added cost.

Indoor Locations


We offer a lower price to campuses that provide a team of strong individuals, called Ambassadors, who remove the indoor protections from the event location to the disposal site, as instructed by us. However, we do recommend our full service indoor protection and clean up to make your life easier.

Foam Location Indoors

To use the Foam Cannon indoors, special electricity is needed with the proper plug. If a generator is included, the weather is satisfactory for generator operation, and the distance from upstage to the outdoor generator is less than 70ft, we can provide this special plug and power.

Floor Plan

The floor plan must be arranged in such away that the audience can enter and exit in the shortest distance. Many times, an emergency exit is used as the main entrance/exit to the event, as they tend to be closer to the immediate outdoors.


In most cases, a larger room than the arranged protection size is provided, thus the room will be downsized to fit the indoor protection purchased.

Entrance / Exist Creation

The protection size covers the Audience Area and part of the Production Area, not the pathways of entry and exit, unless specifically purchased. In most cases, we have a little extra protection to create a pathway to the nearest doorway.


If a loading dock with loading bridge is possible and is the closest point of entry to the indoor location, please let us know.

Truck Parking

We will need a place to park, if the load-in/out location does not permit our stay throughout.

Outdoor Locations

It is Host’s decision where to host the experience, not Operation Glow’s. Therefore, should Host risk a non-event by placing production outdoors and leave production unprotected (unless required to be protected by the Level of production), all knowing the electronic production cannot operate in rain, Host leaves the experience at risk for: delay at Host’s expense, postponement at Host’s expense, and/or cancellation with full balance due. Host should ensure they protect electronic production with a ceiling to the stage, at minimum, to ensure there is still some kind of performance in rain. 


A tent with walls, unless the temperature is over 80 degrees at night – then no walls, encompassing the production and audience area is the best outdoor event option. Not only is the event protected from weather but it can be temperature controlled too, if heaters are provided. A tent also gives you a method of crowd control, allows for high-powered laser use, and keeps the event contents within, like haze. Don’t worry, the tent is cleaned and UV inspected by us after the event!

Mobile Stage (with ceiling)

A mobile stage with wind-walls is the second best outdoor event option, as it gives the production a ceiling to the stage. So even in if it rains a little, the show can continue as long as your audience is dedicated.

Temporary Stage Ceiling / Overhang

This options is used to protect the production equipment as it is being taken down, ultimately allowing for a higher level of production. Just as the unprotected option, if rain is imminent, the show will be struck immediately. We can provide an Overhang for an added fee. The Overhang cannot be used in windy environments.

Band Shell (Typically Permanent)

This options is used to protect the production equipment as it is being taken down, ultimately allowing for a higher level of production. Just as the unprotected option, if rain is imminent, the show will be struck immediately. We can provide an Overhang for an added fee. The Overhang cannot be used in windy environments.


Most Levels of production do not permit an unprotected show, due to the amount of production included in them. We understand that some campuses have no choice due to policy, location limitations, and/or budget. The levels that do permit an unprotected setup risk the event due to temperature and weather. However, a backup plan can be arranged, please see the planning forms in your account.