Glow with DistancE

COVID-19 PREPAREDNESS and procedure

Host Safely with Glow Distancing

If you are planning one of our in-person experiences, it may take a bit more work if your community is still affected by COVID-19, but completely possible and safe under CDC guidelines. Please make sure to follow all applicable laws and recommendations by credible sources in your area. This page is meant to relay the measures we take to slow the spread of COVID-19 at our experiences and provide you with a comprehensive guide. We take this very seriously, which is why this page has been reviewed by several professionals, but it should not be construed as medical advice or applicable law.


Operation Glow

Team Quantity

We will be reducing the number of crew that is sent our to your experience by 50%. This will extended our setup and strike times but there is a lot less risk for transmission. The average team will consist of 2 individuals compared to 4. 


To reduce the possibility of the team contracting COVID-19 during travel, each team will have a specific route and designated locations to stop. These places will be chosen by known sanitariness, most routes around the USA we have driven hundreds of times, in unpopulated areas. Teams will not be flying until it is completely safe. 

Cleaning At Base

Before (and after – explained in the next chapter) every event, the equipment will be cleaned with popular disinfectant. Equipment will not be touched by Glowers, so this is an in-house precaution for our team. 

On The Road

During the tour, temperature of the team is checked every morning. This ensures not only a safe work environment but makes sure our communities are not contaminated. 

Zero Contact With Your Community

Something we already do is stand far away from the audience (see photo). The audience is separated from the crew and production equipment by design. Crew stands about 10 feet away when decorating the audience. 

Face Coverings & Gloves (PPE)

While within 10ft of another, we require our staff to wear a mask. This includes at the event location, our warehouse, and all places of close contact. Gloves are also provided especially for after the event during cleanup. 

Proper Hygiene

Our team religiously cleans and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces. And they have been taught the proper way to cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or the inside of your elbow. Each experience will be packed with a gallon of sanitizer.

Post-Experience Cleaning

To greatly reduce surface transmission, OG cleans their stage equipment once everyone has left the area (and before it ships out).  Barriers will also be cleaned in-depth, and new plastic is always applied over them before each event. 

No Contact With Equipment

Something that is never allowed but we want to reiterate: Participants and Staff will NOT come in contact with stage equipment. In fact, equipment is at minimum 15ft from our barriers in most Missions and all contracts strictly forbid non-employees from touching it (it’s our insurance’s policy).

We Stay In One Area, Washroom

It’s common for crew to wander your campus once everything is set up and ready to go. What can we say, you have a beautiful and attractive campus! This won’t happen and we recommend you to place a temporary bathroom near the event that’s specifically dedicated and accessible to crew. Since the audience area and production area is already separated, there is no risk of having us onsite as long as such barricades are not breached.

Team Assignment

Our teams will be formed by roommates, close quarter workers, and members who are already in contact with each other. This will ensure a whole team is not compromised by an outside teammate. 

This is cool!

The Ultimate Contingency Plan

Our warehouse workers will be packing a way to host Virtual Glow Add-On (L0) from anywhere in the USA if for some reason, last minute, the in-person event can’t happen. We believe your efforts are extraordinary and we won’t leave you or your community hanging without an experience. We can do it on-site such as the middle of your football field without anyone present, or from a hotel room 2000 miles away. The lodging that we book will be aware if we have to tap-in Virtual Glow, possibly providing us with a banquet hall or a block of rooms away from other overnighters.


Hosting options

Here are a few ways to go about protecting your community while still hosting an in-person experience.

In-Person Experience Methods

  1. SIX FEET: In an outdoor area, use spray paint, chalk, etc. to make a mark every 6ft in a grid formation. You may want to give each mark 2 additional feet of standing room so there is room for dancing!
  2. HYBRID: A certain amount of Glowers can be in-person and the rest can watch a live streamed event via Virtual Glow. How you decide which Glowers to award with an in-person experience is up to you!
  3. GROUP ROTATION: In an indoor or outdoor area, limit the amount that attend the event during each time-slot. Rotate groups every 15-30 minutes depending on your preferred group size. 
  4. BARRIER / VEHICLE SEPARATION: Have Glowers arrive in vehicles or rent our barricades to separate individuals or small groups around a field or large room. 

Don’t forget, we can give your community an unforgettable virtual experience with Virtual Glow!

Mask Safe Experiences

If participants will need to wear a mask under your chosen hosting option, please make sure you have a Mask Safe Mission. We can always adjust the physical effect or switch the Mission itself.

Enforce Your Hosting Option

Whether you choose to host it with a limitation indoors or outdoors, we fully expect you to enforce such decision, counting the number of people that come in and out. Additionally, the event manager’s contact information will be provided if announcements need to be made and we will enforce your policy. 

Face Coverings

We have both Operation Glow face masks and Operation Glow bandanas! Let us know if you’d like to order them.

Communication & Signage

Review your communications strategy and adjust as appropriate, between now and the event. For example, incorporate specific messaging into upcoming communications (and/or create a separate section within the registration site) that proactively addresses:

  • Your organization’s awareness and continuous monitoring of COVID-19 
  • Preventative measures that will be taken at the event/s to ensure the health and safety of attendees 
  • Credible resources as listed above for the latest developments on COVID-19
  • A dedicated email address related to COVID-19 event-specific questions and concerns
  • Reminders about on-site measures and hygiene recommendations (e.g. frequent washing of hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds, covering nose/mouth with a tissue when sneezing/coughing, etc.) 
  • A “no handshake” policy at the event, promoted  via signage on site

Monitor Credible Health Authorities

Continue to establish regular communication with local and global public health authorities (CDCWHO, etc.) to ensure your organization is receiving the latest up-to-date information on COVID-19.


Senario 1:

A Team Member's temperature appears high Before Leaving To Your Experience

The team member will be denied entry to our warehouse so nothing is contaminated. They will be asked to get a COVID-19 test before coming back to work. We will try to replace the teammate before our departure. If they are a critical member to the experience, we will notify you and together we can activate the Backup Plan and revert to Virtual Glow

Senario 2:

A Crew Member's temperature is Found high after 2 days of travel and The Morning Before Your event

We will rightfully notify you upon this news. The sick teammate will stay put and the rest of the team will find a testing center and keep extreme distance. Even if we are only half way to your location, the team member will stay there until further notice. If some or critical teammates test positive, upon all negative tests you just don’t feel comfortable, or a testing center hasn’t been located, even though extreme precautions would take place upon our arrival, together we can active the Backup Plan and revert to Virtual Glow

Senario 3:

Days before or the morning of the experience your organization declares that COVID-19 has been spreading within your community

Please follow the guidelines and procedures specified by your organization and the government. We can activate the Backup Plan at any time including if we are on the road to your location or already setting up. Additionally, we are able to host Virtual Glow from a hotel or your location!

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us