Virtual Glow

A new Online PArty Experience

An Example Camera Angle

No Better Time To

Let Life Glow

Stay Connected

Engage with your community on another level.

Stay Active

Don't impede one's natural glow.

Stay Safe

A safe interaction to combat COVID-19.

Mission Information

About This Mission

In the wake of COVID-19, the Operation Glow team has been working around the clock to design an experience that continues to let life glow around the world. Virtual Glow is a novel mission for virus conscious organizations who want to stay connected to their community. 

What To Expect

Glowers can expect to have a private experience in the comfort and safety of their residence. You can literally dance like no one is watching.


Glowers could find themselves inside one of Chicago’s iconic buildings, witnessing an entire audio visual production personalized to their community, and interacting with the experience in real-time.


Glowers also have the opportunity to receive a GlowGram consisting of accessories that transform their ordinary environment into a glowing cosmos.


Hosts can except to perform minimal work on this event. By using our Press Kit, marketing is made easy. 

How It Works

Virtual Glow allows a community to dance together in social distance.


  • Virtual Glow has several levels of production and add-ons for all size budgets and communities. 
  • The experience will be relayed through livestream from Chicago. Cameras will be strategically placed in participant perspectives to simulate a physical attendance of an Operation Glow experience.
  • Glowers can interact with Virtual Glow and colleagues, bringing your community closer together.
  • Live DJs are behind a full size visual production with real tour grade equipment and lighting designers, just as in our physical experiences.
  • Participants can register with the host to receive a GlowGram, for a hands on experience. 
  • Hosts will be able to choose the genres of music for each DJ and even a specific Chicago location to livestream from, if desired. 
  • Organizational branding including hashtags, handles, logos, and other marketing ploys can exist – embedded or flown into the livestream.

The GlowLink is a private link to the livestream. The Host will receive the GlowLink one week prior to the event, unless GlowGrams exist, then the link will be packaged within. 

The GlowGram

The GlowGram is a small package that each Glower can receive in the mail prior to Virtual Glow. The GlowGram will include the GlowLink, along with other glow accessories of your choosing. GlowGrams can be pre-packaged by Operation Glow and sent to the Host for mailing to their registered participants. Please allow ample time for accessories to be made, GlowGram to be built, and GlowGrams to be sent to the Host for shipping. The GlowGram is not included inside our Virtual Glow levels but can be attached to the service.


There are a number of ways that you can easily register participants. We recommend the use of Google Forms to capture current information.


  • Name
  • Current Mailing Address
  • Student ID #
The Location

You are welcome to choose a location for Virtual Glow to broadcast, such as one of our iconic Chicago locations. Should you choose a location for an added price, we will rent out the space and nourish your community with beautiful video of the space, as if Glowers are physically looking around. Locations are subject to availability and Operation Glow’s approval.

Choose Your Level

Level 1


  • 2 Operation Glow DJs B2B
  • A Professionally Broadcasted Livestream
  • UV & Strobe Visual Production
  • 2 Hour Experience
  • 2 Stationary Camera Angles
  • Hosted At A Small Chicago Location
  • See Tech Sheet for More

Level 2


  • Everything in Level 1
  • Concert Beam Lighting, More Lighting Upgrades
  • Organization Branding
  • Haze Effect for Beam Visibility
  • 3 Stationary Camera Angles
  • Hosted At A Medium Chicago Location
  • See Tech Sheet for More

Level 3


  • Everything in Level 2
  • 3 Operation Glow DJs B2B
  • 12 Moving Heads For Elaborate Lighting
  • Visual Overlays On Livestream
  • 3 Hour Experience
  • Hosted At A Large Chicago Location
  • See Tech Sheet for More

Level 4


  • Everything in Level 3
  • High-Powered Laser Light Show
  • UV Paint Sprayed at Camera for Front Row Experience
  • Waterproof Cameras
  • Indoor Protection
  • A Mobile Camera for All Ground Position Views
  • See Tech Sheet for More


  • 2 Livestreams, 2 Musical Experiences

    A second auditory livestream to any Level. Splits DJs up.

  • Live Audience Participant (each)

    Have live audience participants in view to make it visually real.

  • Drone Camera Angle

    Produces unimaginable views. Iconic Chicago Venue suggested.

  • LED Video Wall with Visuals

    LED Video Wall (6p), Truss Structure, Rigging

  • Glow Speed Painter, +30 minutes

    Supplies, Painter, Time

  • 2x Aerial UV Dancers, +30 minutes

    Rigging/Structure, 2 professional dancers, Time

  • Spark Blasts
  • Streamer Blasts x2
  • Confetti Blasts x2
  • Foam Cannon, Generator (L4 Only)
  • UV Snow (L4 Only)
  • UV Bubbles (L4 Only)

Build Your GlowGram

Optional. Shipping to Host is not included unless stated with Free Shipping. Rates may change.

  • Individual GlowGram

    Each. Minimum of 100. Packing, Packaging, and GlowLink.

  • Individual GlowGram & Free Shipping

    Each. Minimum of 400. Packing, Packaging, and GlowLink.

  • UV Face Makeup Tube

    Each. Minimum of 100.


    Each. Minimum of 200.

  • OG OFFICIAL Hand Towel

    Each. Minimum of 200.

  • OG OFFICIAL Beach Ball

    Each. Minimum of 100.

  • OG OFFICIAL Glow Wand

    Each. Minimum of 50.

  • OG OFFICIAL White Slotted Glasses

    Each. Minimum of 50.

  • OG OFFICIAL Virtual Glow T-Shirts

    Each. Minimum 50. Branded with your logo too.

  • OG OFFICIAL Virtual Glow Hats

    Each. Minimum 50. Branded with your logo too.

  • OG OFFICIAL Festival Wristbands

    Each. Minimum 50. Branded with your logo too.

  • Glow Motion Straws

    Each. Minimum 50.

  • UV Light Key Chain

    Each. Minimum 200.

  • LED Purple Necklace

    Each. Minimum 100.


Choose The Location

Optional. Host the experience at an iconic Chicago location. Our suggestions are below.

Willis Tower

Medium Room

Photo Credit:

Cloud Gate

Medium Room
Hosted at Park and Grill (directly below bean) with Cloud Gate visuals

Photo Credit: Pictures/Petr Kratochvil

Trump Tower

Medium Room

Photo Credit:

Harold Washington Library

Large Room

Photo Credit:

Navy Pier

Large Room

Photo Credit:

The Drake

Large Room

Photo Credit:

Art Institute

Large Room

Photo Credit: Charles Cook / Getty Images

Union Station

Large Room

Photo Credit: Amtrak, courtesy Goettsch Partners

Cultural Center

Large Room

Photo Credit: Abhijith Reddy

OG Icon Light No BG