Winter Glow




Winter Glow promises to be an unforgettable experience that will transport you to another world. Imagine being surrounded by a continuous UV reactive snowfall from overhead, while over 100 gallons of UV reactive blue paint is poured from the stage. The high-energy winter vibe dance music, expertly curated and played by Operation Glow Chicago Concert DJs, is guaranteed to take you on a musical journey that will keep you moving all night. Not only that, but a talented second or student DJ will be opening the show to set the perfect tone for the commencement of Winter Glow.

But Winter Glow isn’t just about the music. There is a dazzling array of visual effects that will leave you breathless. An LED video wall displaying a countdown to the start of the show will then transform into winterizing motion graphic visuals, all accompanied by a live video jockey who will incorporate a live feed of the audience. The Class IV government-regulated laser show in blue and white will mix with the snow, and the Blue and white confetti storm and streamer blast out of charged air cannons will create a truly magical ambiance. Finally, the CO2/Cryo blasts will chill the room, and the Atomic strobe lights, blinders, moving light fixtures, color wash fixtures, and UV cannons will all contribute to creating maximum visual effect. You don’t want to miss this unique opportunity to be part of Winter Glow!

Increased Duration

This mission operates in a longer duration from most missions. An opening or student DJ will spin for the first 30-45 minutes before Winter Glow commences in full force and effect.

Effect Heavy

You've been warned. This mission is extreme and has been known to change lives. We use a LOT of special effects, loud music, and tons of energy.


This differs from all our other experiences. Make sure you review all contents in this mission as it doesn't align with the contents table of others.

Needs Darkness

This mission works best in the dark so the blacklight reactive effects can glow. Security and perimeter lighting will need to be turned off.

Indoor Or Outdoor

This mission can be performed indoors or outdoors. Some levels require an enclosure.


This mission offers fully customizable production; thus, can be adjusted to support any reasonable budget.


This mission is all-inclusive for some locations. We'll review this with you!

Multiple Teams & Systems

We have multiple teams and systems available to support parallel events.

All Distances

This mission can be delivered to all contiguous distances in the USA.

Fully Adaptable

This mission will adapt to your physical location, audience, and branding. We like making things personal and unique.

Pre- & Post- AV Support

The production in this mission can support activities happening prior to and after this experience. Save $

Creative Support

Have an idea that requires a slight modification of this experience? No problem, let us know!








Max Audience Count

Physical Effects

Talent & Team​

Warehouse Team Breakdown



Audio System

Visual System






Crowd Control


































































Levels Are Only Viewable On Full Sized Windows

Move to a larger screen or enlarge your window.

For This MIssion

Indoor Protection

UV Face Paint

Laser Show Tier 2 or 3

Audience Engagers


Branding Categories


All Unofficial Brand Perks, Branded as an Official Operation Glow Experience (or OPERATION GLOW), Official OG Press Kit, Branded Signage and Concert Visuals, Footage Captured with Water-Proof Cameras, Possible Aftermovie Creation and/or Social Media Releases, Possible Operation Glow Merchandise Booth – depends on contract, government, and availability. May use our logo, if approved. 


Branded as an Unofficial Operation Glow experience, unofficial OG press kit, branded crew, indoor protections and add-ons are available. Must include “Operation Glow – Unofficial” in any advertising or mention of Operation Glow. Stipulation will be in contract. 


Forbids the advertisement of trademarked Operation Glow. You may use generic Paint Party, Glow Party, etc. With unbranded levels, Host will typically provide sound system, lighting, stage, protections, lodging, and various supplies (not crew meals). Advertisement stipulation will be in contract

UV Multi-Colored Paint

We were the first in the USA for-hire using this physical effect!

There was a time when no one knew what this was. Paint?!! Is that safe!?! Absolutely. Our water based paint gets mixed on-site so it is fresh and not sitting in a warehouse. The paint is 97% water and the rest is food-grade and cosmetically approved ingredients. Paint is dispersed from the stage so we are in control of where it lands, for the most part. If indoor, our venue protection is a must. When the paint dries, it solidifies into a dust and can be wiped right off any hard surface!

Snow & UV Snow

Our snow effect is getting more popular every season! Snow can be UV or regular. This snow effect is not real snow and does not pile up. The placement of this effect is very important so it is good to test the direction of the wind where you want us to setup so you get the maximum effect. We will also test upon arrival using bubbles. 

Location Type Needs

Enclosed Event Required

This is probably being required because high-powered lasers beams need to be shielded from the sky and the safest way to do this is if the event is enclosed. This can be: A Building, Large Tent with Walls, Etc.

No Participant Enclosure

We need air to flow freely so participants can breathe with this physical effect. This means it can be: Completely Outdoors, or if a ceiling requirement: Our Overhang, Mobile Stage, Etc.

Roof Over Production

There is so much equipment in this Level that we can’t risk getting caught in the weather. Therefore these work well: Building, Tent, Our Overhang, Mobile Stage, Gazebo, Etc.