Attending a Show? We've Got Answers!

OG concerts may have glowing paint, glowing powder, glowing foam, and/or other effects. The concert contents are picked out by the Host / Organization of the concert. Contact the Host / Organization to see what the show will include if not already advertised.

As early as the doors open. OG will not start until there is a large audience.

Wear white! White will have the most effect with the UV lightning and effects. For paint, powder, foam, etc. we recommend wearing old clothing and shoes.

Sometimes it gets really warm especially if indoors or inside a tent regardless of the weather outdoors.

Nothing that can get damaged by people or effects.

Cell phone, electronics, important items should not be brought to shows that have paint, powder, foam, etc.

It is recommended not to bring any electronics to paint, powder, foam, etc. events. At your own risk, a ziplock bag or two may do.

Yes though the longer you wait, the more it will stay in. We recommend washing clothing in warm water no later than 7 hours after initial exposure.

Yes though it is recommended to wear water goggles or safety goggles to give you extra eye protection.

We recommended not attending this event. Even if there are no strobes at the event, flashing colored lights will still be present.

Attendees in the front row will be significantly covered in paint. The front row gets buckets dumbed!

Great! It means you are an artist that gets to decorate a body of people. Please arrive 15 minutes before the show so we can walk you through paint distribution training.

Contact the Host / Organization to see if they have your item. Anything we find, we give it to them.