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 The  First Operation Glow Experience

The First Operation Glow Experience

Operation Glow (OG), started in 2012 by Clik Entertainment, LLC, was the first mobile glowing physical effect service in the United States. The mission was simple, to deliver a powerful glowing experience participants will remember forever.  OG started things off at a University in Iowa offering only one package, or what they call Missions, dubbed Paint Glow. Little did OG know that this was the first of hundreds across the United States. In 2014, OG expanded drastically after introducing several other Missions, increasing the breadth of their glow experience, and offering multiple systems.

Today, OG continues to operate in all areas of the United States with thunderous glow experiences, using only state-of-the-art audio and visual systems, combined with extraordinary glowing physical effects, upcoming Chicago EDM DJs, and so much more.

OG Headquarters

Chicago, IL – Travels Nationally Year-Round

We Create Awesome Concerts

Highlights of an Operation Glow Event

The Main Effect

Whether it is UV Paint, UV Powder, or a UV Foam show, the effect makes the night unique and is guaranteed to pack an audience.

Lighting & Visuals

OG uses high-end state of the art lighting equipment including: moving heads, video systems, Class IV lasers, and so much more.

Special FX

Depending on the Host’s choice of event, OG can provide: sparks, confetti cannons, glow bubbles, balloon drops, fog atmospherics, and so much more.

Music & DJ

OG brings in Chicago Club DJs for every event. In some cases, OG works with well-known artists if the Host is up for it!

High Definition Audio

OG only carries HD tour-grade sound. All events are tiered to have at-least 50W of sound per person for maximum receptiveness.

Structures & Trussing

As any large setup needs, OG is able to provide the stage platforms, steel barriers, mojo barriers, and all trussing structures for sound and lighting.

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